Læs om OceanTextile

Læs om OceanTextile

Kaffepuden og OceanTextile

Hos Kaffepuden.dk samarbejder vi med OceanTextile, i den forstand at vi får lov til at genbruge restmeter fra deres regntøjsproduktion til f.eks. bagsiden af vores pyntepuder, sækkestole, puffe m.m.

Du kan læse mere om OceanTextile herunder:


It started with rainwear back in 1958 – and respect for Professionals who should wear it in rough seas and other demanding work environments.

We manufactured these products based on the knowledge we gathered from talking to fishermen and resellers.
It taught us to focus on the features and quality that actually make a difference to these people.
And we stay true to this.


Today, OCEAN® has more than 60 years of experience in producing all weather wear.
We provide people in construction, industry, agriculture, food, cleaning, and of course fishing and related industries with functional high-quality clothing that keep them warm and dry and add to their safety.

Because of our long experience the people we call Enthusiasts – those who enjoy challenging activities in nature – have also discovered our clothing. We share their passion and love to support their adventures too.
Du kan se OceanTextile's hjemmeside ved at klikke hér.
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